At the border of ages and empires – Mining – Handicraft – Trade

The Museum of Tatabánya is organizing an international conference called „At the border of ages and empires – Mining – Handicraft – Trade”.
We await applications (presentations and posters) for the period between the Celtic Age and the end of the Early Roman Age.

Planned date of the conference: 18-21 February, 2018
Venue:                                                 Museum of Tatabánya (Szent Borbála Square 1, Tatabánya, HU-2800)
Languages of the conference:    Hungarian, English, German
Length of presentations:             20 minutes

We hereby ask everyone who is interested in participating as a visitor or/and a performer to fill out and send us back the attached application form until the 15th of December, 2017. After that, we will send you another e-mail regarding the details of the conference and other relevant information.


Best regards,
Gabriella A. Pál
director, organizer of the conference