AGC History

History of the Antique Glass Committee

The foundation of the Antique Glass Committee was not the first attempt of the Slovak Archaeological Society to support the research in the area of antique glass-making industry in the territory of Slovakia. The earliest effort came in November 1989, when the SAS, in cooperation with the Slovak National Museum, organised an international conference for archaeologists and historians specialised in the area of antique glassware, held at the Bratislava City Museum. Efforts to publish materials from the conference failed and the initiative was discontinued. New opportunity emerged in 1997 with the foundation of the Slovak Glass Society as an independent non-profit organisation based in Lednické Rovné ( As a member of the Association of Slovak Scientific and Technological Societies, it pursues the aim of enhancing the development of science, technologies, art and education in the field of glass-related industries by sharing of advanced expertise. On the initiative of the Slovak Glass Society, an expert group named “Antique Glass Committee” was formed. Closely cooperating with the Slovak Archaeological Society, the Committee was focused on the support of research in the history of glass-making in the territory of Slovakia. Whilst still maintaining its collaboration ties with the Slovak Glass Society, in 2000 the Committee was subordinated to the SAS Executive Board and its Statutes were drawn up. In 2001 the first conference organised by the Antique Glass Committee was held.