About AGC

The Antique Glass Committee of the Slovak Archaeological Society

The Antique Glass Committee (AGC), in existence since 2000 and subordinated to the Executive Board of the Slovak Archaeological Society, is a body focusing on interdisciplinary research and custody management of archaeological finds and collections of antique glassware in Slovakia. Its principal aim is to support interdisciplinary research of antique glass in Slovakia by sharing of information, facilitating cooperation, providing consultancy, organising conferences or expert meetings, publishing, and its own research projects. Besides archaeological or glass-related technical issues, the AGC scope of work thus also includes data collection and application of antique glass expertise in all the social, technical and natural sciences in Slovakia, reflecting the worldwide context of antique glass research. The Committee’s work is focused mainly on archaeological finds which form the most plentiful and constantly extended portfolio of antique glass items. Of equal significance is the Committee’s expertise in research, record-keeping and custody management of antique glassware collections of Slovak museums, and pioneering archaeometric methods of their analyses.